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Éternel Éphémère Handmade Luxury Lingerie French Calais Lace Vivienne Mok

"Sur l'eau calme voguant sans trêve...
Dans l'éclat du jour qui s'achève...
Qu'est notre vie, sinon un rêve "

Lewis Carroll

Lingerie made in France with love ...



Éternel Éphémère is a young high-end and ethical French lingerie brand based in the south of France and launched in December 2017.


All the pieces are handmade to order by Manon, the designer, exclusively with the traditional french Calais lace of very high quality.


Attention to detail, handmade artisanal aspect, are the essential values of the brand.


We want each Woman to be able to feel beautiful and feminine with our pieces, this is why we offer our models from size XS to size XXL, as well as custom-made pieces, thus responding to everyone's desires and curves...


Opting for models without underwires, Éternel Éphémère is committed to liberating the woman's body by sublimating the romantic and natural part of her.


Our desire is to show you that it is possible to combine comfort and sensuality.


The dreamlike universe of the brand draws its inspiration from the wonders that Nature offers us every day.

Beyond inspiration, Women, Art and Nature are the essence of our creations, each collection aims to tell a story, a dream, an idyll ...


Combining Poetry and Lingerie becomes possible through romantic, aesthetic and delicate pieces.

Éternel Éphémère Handmade Luxury Lingerie French Calais Lace Vivienne Mok


« For me, creating lingerie is a means of expression. Through each piece that I create, I set my imagination free, my primary goal is to sublimate and help women to feel beautiful while remaining natural, because naturalness is so charming to my mind...


I aspire to tell a story through my designs, create a link between lingerie and my dreamy and romantic universe.


I attach a lot of importance to the choice of materials and to the way of production, that's why I only work with Calais lace and each piece is and will always be handmade to order in my atelier. »

Manon, Éternel Éphémère's designer


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